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Journeys into Genealogy podcast

Welcome to the Journeys into Genealogy podcast.

I'm Emma Cox and I've setup this podcast to help anyone interested in finding more about their ancestors.

Topics and Interviews include:

  • Tips for getting started with researching your family history
  • Recording stories
  • Researching in archives
  • The benefits of joining a local family history society
  • The Huguenot Society
  • The Huguenots of Spitalfields charity
  • Reading old handwriting and interpreting wills
  • DNA testing and what you need to be aware of
  • One Name Studies
  • Writing your family‚Äôs story
  • Online resources including Ancestry and the British Newspaper Archive
  • The Mayflower Voyages of the 1620s
  • Inherited emotions
  • Dealing with inherited family trauma

If there is a particular topic you would like to hear more about or a person you would like me to interview please email

I am looking forward to our journeys together.

Bye for now


Feb 22, 2023

Female ancestors can be harder to find but records do exist. Emma Jolly talks about some of the resources she recommends and we discuss military pensions, DNA and matrilineal lines, naming traditions in England and Scotland, names and nicknames, Florence Nightingale, female wills, spinster aunts, the benefits of researching a place as well as a person, fertility, records for women in varied armed forces since the Boer War and including WWI and WWII, the differences between English and Scottish records and how each have their own benefits, MyHeritage, artificial intelligence, photographs, inheritance, clothing, visiting archives and much more. There is an accompanying blog post, Researching Female Ancestors, at with links to the recommended resources.